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“I have always thrived in a corporate environment and been very lucky to spend over 25 years in different roles and countries working with diverse cultures, helping teams bring process and structure to their working environment to achieve their goals.

Amongst all of this structure, working with my hands, sewing, crafting and exploring different materials and techniques has been a creative outlet since a young age. I get loads of pleasure coming up with ideas, planning, sourcing the materials and then ultimately pulling it all together.

Observing the world around us, I see that life has become very busy with lots of daily pressures. The time that Moms and Dads have to spend with their children is precious. At the same time downtime for children often means grabbing the closest screen-device leaving less time for hands-on creativity to develop critical motor skills.

Through Budding Minds I would like to offer children and their parents the pleasure of exploring crafts by delivering the inspiration and all the materials needed directly to their doorstep. The contents of the box will create hours of fun and learning for children and hopefully makes the lives of parents a little easier.

I personally design the crafts and work with a number of local service providers to source materials individually pack each box. I am lucky to be able to draw on a team of children who help to test each craft before it makes its way into the monthly selection.

Feel free to contact me directly on liezl@buddingminds.co.za if you have any specific feedback or ideas you would like to share.

Have fun.”